What CDA/CDS Scholars are Doing to Make a Difference in the World

Theresa Catalano, Linda R. Waugh

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This chapter describes how scholars use their knowledge of CDA/CDS to make a difference in the world. The work of twenty-one scholars (along with their autobiographies) ranging from well known figures in the field such as Ruth Wodak, Teun van Dijk, David Machin, Theo van Leeuwen, and Rebecca Rogers to lesser known (and often emerging scholars), is described in detail in the authors’ own words (or in words written by one of us and approved by them). These descriptions show how CDA/CDS reaches the world in myriad ways such as through political books aimed at wide audiences, being an expert witness in a Neo-Nazi case, being board members of anti-racist associations, co-founding a discussion and research group for social justice educators, using dance to teach intercultural communication and counter anti-immigration rhetoric, song writing, organizing events to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, being involved in social media movements, and most importantly (and most mentioned) incorporating critical approaches into teaching. The chapter concludes by encouraging continued connections of CDA/CDS work that reaches the world around us.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationPerspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy and Psychology
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StatePublished - 2020

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