Vitamin B6

Vanessa R. Da Silva, Katelyn A. Russell, Jesse F. Gregory

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Vitamin B 6 is a family of related compounds comprised of pyridoxine (PN), pyridoxal (PL), and pyridoxamine (PM), along with their phosphate esters and glucosides. The primary vitamin B 6 coenzymic form, pyridoxal 5 '-phosphate, is an obligatory cofactor in over 140 enzymatic reactions primarily in the metabolism of amino acids but also in reactions of carbohydrates and lipids. Vitamin B 6 also plays a vital role in one-carbon metabolism, facilitating cellular methylation processes, methionine recycling, regulation of homocysteine, and synthesis of cysteine. Recent findings indicate that marginal vitamin B 6 status remains a concern in human nutrition, at least in segments of the population. The consequence of marginal vitamin B 6 status is unclear but serves as cause for concern in view of associations between low vitamin B 6 status, risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and certain cancers. This chapter provides an overview of vitamin B 6 bioavailability, metabolism and metabolic function, nutritional status and assessment, and roles in human health and disease.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationPresent Knowledge in Nutrition
Subtitle of host publicationTenth Edition
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StatePublished - Jun 18 2012


  • Chronic, vitamin B6 nutrition status and aberrant one-carbon metabolism
  • Genetic and nutritional factors in health and disease susceptibility
  • Marginal vitamin B6 status, concerns in human nutrition, of populations
  • PLP metabolism and vitamin B6 deficiency, adverse effects
  • PLP-dependent and one-carbon metabolism, in folate, methionine cycle
  • PLP-dependent, direct/indirect in metabolic phases
  • Vitamin B6 disposition and metabolic function
  • Vitamin B6 metabolism and role as a coenzyme
  • Vitamin B6, a family of related compounds of PN, PL, and PM
  • Vitamin B6, in foods of plant and animal origin

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