Ultrafast optical nonlinearities of II-VI semiconductor quantum dots

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CdS and CdSe microcrystallites embedded in silicate glasses are interesting materials for studying 3-D quantum confinement effects. A comprehensive study of optical nonlinearities of a number of CdSe quantum dot samples, using nanosecond and femtosecond laser techniques, is reported. The homogeneous and inhomogeneous contributions to the lowest electronic transitions have been measured using hole-burning. Analysis of the hole width, which increases with increasing light intensity, gives the polarization decay time. Femtosecond four-wave mixing measurements have been performed to obtain the energy relaxation time. The excited state dynamics and optical nonlinearities as a function of microcrystallite size have been investigated.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages150, 152
StatePublished - 1989
EventQuantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference - Baltimore, MD, USA
Duration: Apr 24 1989Apr 28 1989


OtherQuantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference
CityBaltimore, MD, USA

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