Transfusion protocol for implantation and explantation of cardiac devices in an academic medical center

Angela N. Bartley, Daniel T. Redford, Mary P. Berg

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Few reports in the literature describe the transfusion support needed for implantation and explantation of cardiac assist devices. Because such devices are frequently used at this institution, we have established a protocol to support these patients. We reviewed blood bank records to document the usage of blood components in all patients on cardiac assist devices from 1989 to 2005 (n = 215). The data were separated into components given at the time of implantation and explantation of the device. Implantation data on 214 patients showed the mean use as follows: red blood cells (RBC), 5.7 U; platelets (PLT), 2.4 U; fresh frozen plasma (FFP), 7.5 U; and cryoprecipitate, 0 U. Explantation data on 134 patients showed a mean use as follows: RBC, 7.7 U; PLT, 2.4 U; FFP, 9.9 U; and cryoprecipitate, 3.7 U. Our protocol for the preparation of blood components for implantation and explantation of a cardiac device is, implantation: RBC, 4 U; PLT, 1 U; FFP, 6 U; explantation: RBC, 8 U; PLT, 2 U; FFP, 8 U. Our data do not support the need for preparation of cryoprecipitate before implantation or explantation.

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JournalASAIO Journal
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StatePublished - May 2007

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