Tissue Substitute Materials for Diagnostic X-ray Imaging

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This chapter focuses on diagnostic X-ray imaging spanning X-ray photon energies from 5 to 150 keV with emphasis on emerging imaging techniques and their implications for tissue substitute materials. It discusses factors that need to be considered while designing or selecting a tissue substitute material, discussion on the design parameters, such as the effective atomic number and the electron density, that need to be considered while formulating new substitutes or for identifying a substitute material for the intended imaging method. The chapter describes method used to design or formulate new substitutes, including a review of various methods that have been pursued in the past. It provides discussion on various anthropomorphic phantoms incorporating tissue substitutes and on work towards fabricating phantoms with structural patterns more representative of the organ. Several factors need to be considered while selecting or designing tissue substitute materials and, consequently, the development of a phantom intended for evaluating, optimizing, and monitoring the performance of an imaging system.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2017

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