The unfinished work of agricultural and biological engineering

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The contributions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) in the field of agriculture during last hundred years, are discussed. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) founded in 1907, started its operation at the University of Wisconsion, Madison. ASABE industrialized the agriculture through development in the field of farm management, soil and water management, farm electrification, farm structures design, and food and post-harvested processing. ASABE decreased the dependency on agriculture as source of livelihood and influenced socially, politically, economically, and technologically world. It has reduced US farm force population to 2 percent. ASABE is designing sustainable engineering solutions for environmentally safe food production such as development of intelligent agricultural machineries for crop rotation, multi-crop farms for increasing agricultural production to meet requirement of raising population.

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