The SPTPoL extended cluster survey

L. E. Bleem, S. Bocquet, B. Stalder, M. D. Gladders, P. A.R. Ade, S. W. Allen, A. J. Anderson, J. Annis, M. L.N. Ashby, J. E. Austermann, S. Avila, J. S. Avva, M. Bayliss, J. A. Beall, K. Bechtol, A. N. Bender, B. A. Benson, E. Bertin, F. Bianchini, C. BlakeM. Brodwin, D. Brooks, E. Buckley-Geer, D. L. Burke, J. E. Carlstrom, A. Carnero Rosell, M. Carrasco Kind, J. Carretero, C. L. Chang, H. C. Chiang, R. Citron, C. Corbett Moran, M. Costanzi, T. M. Crawford, A. T. Crites, L. N. da Costa, T. de Haan, J. de Vicente, S. Desai, H. T. Diehl, J. P. Dietrich, M. A. Dobbs, T. F. Eifler, W. Everett, B. Flaugher, B. Floyd, J. Frieman, J. Gallicchio, J. García-Bellido, E. M. George, D. W. Gerdes, A. Gilbert, D. Gruen, R. A. Gruendl, J. Gschwend, N. Gupta, G. Gutierrez, N. W. Halverson, N. Harrington, J. W. Henning, C. Heymans, G. P. Holder, D. L. Hollowood, W. L. Holzapfel, K. Honscheid, J. D. Hrubes, N. Huang, J. Hubmayr, K. D. Irwin, D. J. James, T. Jeltema, S. Joudaki, G. Khullar, M. Klein, L. Knox, N. Kuropatkin, A. T. Lee, D. Li, C. Lidman, A. Lowitz, N. MacCrann, G. Mahler, M. A.G. Maia, J. L. Marshall, M. McDonald, J. J. McMahon, P. Melchior, F. Menanteau, S. S. Meyer, R. Miquel, L. M. Mocanu, J. J. Mohr, J. Montgomery, A. Nadolski, T. Natoli, J. P. Nibarger, G. Noble, V. Novosad, S. Padin, A. Palmese, D. Parkinson, S. Patil, F. Paz-Chinchón, A. A. Plazas, C. Pryke, N. S. Ramachandra, C. L. Reichardt, J. D. Remolina González, A. K. Romer, A. Roodman, J. E. Ruhl, E. S. Rykoff, B. R. Saliwanchik, E. Sanchez, A. Saro, J. T. Sayre, K. K. Schaffer, T. Schrabback, S. Serrano, K. Sharon, C. Sievers, G. Smecher, M. Smith, M. Soares-Santos, A. A. Stark, K. T. Story, E. Suchyta, G. Tarle, C. Tucker, K. Vanderlinde, T. Veach, J. D. Vieira, G. Wang, J. Weller, N. Whitehorn, W. L.K. Wu, V. Yefremenko, Y. Zhang

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We describe the observations and resultant galaxy cluster catalog from the 2770 deg2 SPTpol Extended Cluster Survey (SPT-ECS). Clusters are identified via the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) effect and confirmed with a combination of archival and targeted follow-up data, making particular use of data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES). With incomplete follow-up we have confirmed as clusters 244 of 266 candidates at a detection significance ξ ≥ 5 and an additional 204 systems at 4 < ξ < 5. The confirmed sample has a median mass of M500c ~ 4.4 ´ 1014 M☉ h70 -1 and a median redshift of z = 0.49, and we have identified 44 strong gravitational lenses in the sample thus far. Radio data are used to characterize contamination to the SZ signal; the median contamination for confirmed clusters is predicted to be ∼1% of the SZ signal at the ξ > 4 threshold, and <4% of clusters have a predicted contamination >10% of their measured SZ flux. We associate SZ-selected clusters, from both SPT-ECS and the SPT-SZ survey, with clusters from the DES redMaPPer sample, and we find an offset distribution between the SZ center and central galaxy in general agreement with previous work, though with a larger fraction of clusters with significant offsets. Adopting a fixed Planck-like cosmology, we measure the optical richness-SZ mass (l - M) relation and find it to be 28% shallower than that from a weak-lensing analysis of the DES data-a difference significant at the 4σ level-with the relations intersecting at λ = 60. The SPT-ECS cluster sample will be particularly useful for studying the evolution of massive clusters and, in combination with DES lensing observations and the SPT-SZ cluster sample, will be an important component of future cosmological analyses.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number25
JournalAstrophysical Journal, Supplement Series
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 2020


  • Large-scale structure of the universe (902)
  • Strong gravitational lensing (1643)
  • Unified Astronomy Thesaurus concepts: Galaxy clusters (584)

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  • The SPTpol Extended Cluster Survey

    Allen, S. (Creator), Annis, J. (Creator), Avila, S. (Creator), Bechtol, K. (Creator), Bertin, E. (Creator), Bocquet, S. (Creator), Brooks, D. (Creator), Buckley-Geer, E. (Creator), Burke, D. L. (Creator), Carnero Rosell, R. A. (Creator), Carrasco Kind, K. M. (Creator), Carretero, J. (Creator), Chang, C. (Creator), Costanzi, M. (Creator), Da Costa, C. L. N. (Creator), De Vicente, V. J. (Creator), Desai, S. (Creator), Diehl, H. T. (Creator), Dietrich, J. P. (Creator), Eifler, T. (Creator), Flaugher, B. (Creator), Frieman, J. (Creator), García-Bellido, J. (Contributor), Gerdes, D. W. (Creator), Gruen, D. (Creator), Gruendl, R. A. (Creator), Gschwend, J. (Creator), Gutierrez, G. (Creator), Hollowood, D. L. (Creator), Honscheid, K. (Creator), James, D. J. (Creator), Jeltema, T. (Creator), Kuropatkin, N. (Creator), Lidman, C. (Creator), Maccrann, N. (Contributor), Maia, M. A. G. (Contributor), Marshall, J. L. (Creator), Melchior, P. (Creator), Menanteau, F. (Creator), Miquel, R. (Creator), Mohr, J. J. (Creator), Palmese, A. (Creator), Paz-Chinchón, F. (Contributor), Plazas, A. A. (Creator), Romer, A. K. (Creator), Roodman, A. (Creator), Rykoff, E. S. (Creator), Sanchez, E. (Creator), Saro, A. (Creator), Serrano, S. (Creator), Smith, M. (Creator), Suchyta, E. (Creator), Tarle, G. (Creator), Weller, J. (Creator), Zhang, Y. (Creator), Benson, B. A. (Creator), Gupta, N. (Creator), Reichardt, C. L. (Creator), Soares-Santos, M. (Creator), Stark, A. A. (Creator), Bleem, L. E. (Creator), Stalder, B. (Creator), Gladders, M. D. (Creator), Ade, P. A. R. (Contributor), Anderson, A. J. (Creator), Ashby, M. L. N. (Contributor), Austermann, J. E. (Creator), Avva, J. S. (Creator), Bayliss, M. (Creator), Beall, J. A. (Creator), Bender, A. N. (Creator), Bianchini, F. (Creator), Blake, C. (Creator), Brodwin, M. (Creator), Carlstrom, J. E. (Creator), Chang, C. L. (Creator), Chiang, H. C. (Creator), Citron, R. (Creator), Corbett Moran, M. C. (Creator), Crawford, T. M. (Creator), Crites, A. T. (Creator), de Haan, H. T. (Contributor), Dobbs, M. A. (Creator), Everett, W. (Creator), Floyd, B. (Creator), Gallicchio, J. (Creator), George, E. M. (Creator), Gilbert, A. (Creator), Halverson, N. W. (Creator), Harrington, N. (Creator), Henning, J. W. (Creator), Heymans, C. (Creator), Holder, G. P. (Creator), Holzapfel, W. L. (Creator), Hrubes, J. D. (Creator), Huang, N. (Creator), Hubmayr, J. (Creator), Irwin, K. D. (Creator), Joudaki, S. (Creator), Khullar, G. (Creator), Klein, M. (Creator), Knox, L. (Creator), Lee, A. T. (Creator), Li, D. (Creator), Lowitz, A. (Creator), Mahler, G. (Creator), McDonald, M. (Creator), McMahon, J. J. (Creator), Meyer, S. S. (Creator), Mocanu, L. M. (Creator), Montgomery, J. (Creator), Nadolski, A. (Creator), Natoli, T. (Creator), Nibarger, J. P. (Creator), Noble, G. (Creator), Novosad, V. (Creator), Padin, S. (Creator), Parkinson, D. (Creator), Patil, S. (Creator), Pryke, C. (Creator), Ramachandra, N. S. (Creator), Remolina González, G. J. D. (Contributor), Ruhl, J. E. (Creator), Saliwanchik, B. R. (Creator), Sayre, J. T. (Creator), Schaffer, K. K. (Creator), Schrabback, T. (Creator), Sharon, K. (Creator), Sievers, C. (Creator), Smecher, G. (Creator), Story, K. T. (Creator), Tucker, C. (Creator), Vanderlinde, K. (Creator), Veach, T. (Creator), Vieira, J. D. (Creator), Wang, G. (Creator), Whitehorn, N. (Creator), Wu, W. L. K. (Contributor), Yefremenko, V. (Creator), Bleem, L. E. (Creator), Annis, J. (Creator), Ashby, M. L. N. (Contributor), Bayliss, M. (Creator), Bender, A. N. (Creator), Benson, B. A. (Creator), Bertin, E. (Creator), Brooks, D. (Creator), Burke, D. L. (Creator), Carlstrom, J. E. (Creator), Carnero Rosell, A. (Creator), Carrasco Kind, M. (Creator), Carretero, J. (Creator), Chang, C. L. (Creator), Crawford, T. M. (Creator), Crites, A. T. (Creator), Da Costa, L. N. (Creator), De Vicente, J. (Creator), Diehl, H. T. (Creator), Dobbs, M. A. (Creator), Eifler, T. F. (Creator), Everett, W. (Creator), Flaugher, B. (Creator), Frieman, J. (Creator), Garcia-Bellido, J. (Creator), Gerdes, D. W. (Creator), Gruen, D. (Creator), Gruendl, R. A. (Creator), Gschwend, J. (Creator), Gutierrez, G. (Creator), Holder, G. P. (Creator), Holzapfel, W. L. (Creator), James, D. J. (Creator), Klein, M. (Creator), Knox, L. (Creator), Kuropatkin, N. (Creator), Li, D. (Creator), McDonald, M. (Creator), Menanteau, F. (Creator), Meyer, S. S. (Creator), Mohr, J. J. (Creator), Montgomery, J. (Creator), Reichardt, C. L. (Creator), Romer, A. K. (Creator), Sanchez, E. (Creator), Stark, A. A. (Creator), Suchyta, E. (Creator), Tarle, G. (Creator), Vieira, J. D. (Creator), Weller, J. (Creator) & Yefremenko, V. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2020


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