The medium is the fake news

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The interface transforms the user as per human-computer interaction (HCI). We all become quite different humans, with different capabilities, different potentials, and different proclivities when information technology enters the scene. The fake-news phenomenon suggests we might pull back from this user perspective to consider the systemic effects of the supposedly self-regulating systems that we've built. Feke news is especially profitable compared with traditional journalism, what with all that costly reporting and fact-checking. The elision of fake news with Propaganda is best explained in Blog Theory: Feedback and Capture in the Circuits of Drive, a 2010 book by Jodi Dean. A dense work of literary theory, its basic argument is that the participation afforded by blogs is the most important aspect of capitalism. Dean claims that the social media is rewiring us to see the world in a fundamentally different way: as a resource for representations that themselves become a vehicle for value.

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