The interplanetary network supplement to the HETE-2 gamma-ray burst catalog

K. Hurley, J. L. Atteia, C. Barraud, A. Pélangeon, M. Böer, R. Vanderspek, G. Ricker, E. Mazets, S. Golenetskii, D. D. Frederiks, V. D. Pal'Shin, R. L. Aptekar, D. M. Smith, C. Wigger, W. Hajdas, A. Rau, A. Von Kienlin, I. G. Mitrofanov, D. V. Golovin, A. S. KozyrevM. L. Litvak, A. B. Sanin, W. Boynton, C. Fellows, K. Harshman, S. Barthelmy, T. Cline, J. Cummings, N. Gehrels, H. A. Krimm, K. Yamaoka, Y. Fukazawa, Y. Hanabata, M. Ohno, T. Takahashi, M. Tashiro, Y. Terada, T. Murakami, K. Makishima, C. Guidorzi, F. Frontera, C. E. Montanari, F. Rossi, J. Trombka, T. McClanahan, R. Starr, J. Goldsten, R. Gold

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Between 2000 November and 2006 May, one or more spacecraft of the interplanetary network (IPN) detected 226 cosmic gamma-ray bursts that were also detected by the French Gamma-Ray Telescope experiment on board the High Energy Transient Experiment 2 spacecraft. During this period, the IPN consisted of up to nine spacecraft, and using triangulation, the localizations of 157 bursts were obtained. We present the IPN localization data on these events.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number34
JournalAstrophysical Journal, Supplement Series
Issue number2
StatePublished - Dec 2011


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  • gamma-ray burst: general
  • space vehicles: instruments

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  • The IPN supplement to the HETE-2 GRB catalog

    Hurley, K. (Creator), Atteia, J. (Creator), Barraud, C. (Creator), Pélangeon, A. (Contributor), Böer, M. (Contributor), Vanderspek, R. (Creator), Ricker, G. (Creator), Mazets, E. (Creator), Golenetskii, S. (Creator), Frederiks, D. D. (Creator), Pal'Shin, V. D. (Contributor), Aptekar, R. L. (Creator), Smith, D. M. (Creator), Wigger, C. (Creator), Hajdas, W. (Creator), Rau, A. (Creator), Von Kienlin, K. A. (Creator), Mitrofanov, I. G. (Creator), Golovin, D. V. (Creator), Kozyrev, A. S. (Creator), Litvak, M. L. (Creator), Sanin, A. B. (Creator), Boynton, W. (Creator), Fellows, C. (Creator), Harshman, K. (Creator), Barthelmy, S. (Creator), Cline, T. (Creator), Cummings, J. (Creator), Gehrels, N. (Creator), Krimm, H. A. (Creator), Yamaoka, K. (Creator), Fukazawa, Y. (Creator), Hanabata, Y. (Creator), Ohno, M. (Creator), Takahashi, T. (Creator), Tashiro, M. (Creator), Terada, Y. (Creator), Murakami, T. (Creator), Makishima, K. (Creator), Guidorzi, C. (Creator), Frontera, F. (Creator), Montanari, C. E. (Creator), Rossi, F. (Creator), Trombka, J. (Creator), McClanahan, T. (Creator), Starr, R. (Creator), Goldsten, J. (Creator), Gold, R. (Creator), Hurley, K. (Creator), Boer, M. (Creator), Von Kienlin, A. (Creator) & Kozyrev, A. S. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2012


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