The interior of saturn

William B. Hubbard, Michele K. Dougherty, Daniel Gautier, Robert Jacobson

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A source of uncertainty in Saturn interior models is the lack of a unique rotation rate to be ascribed to the deep (metallic-hydrogen) interior. As a result, models are not uniquely constrained by measured gravitational multiple coefficients. Further uncertainty is associated with the effect of a multiplicity of rotation periods due to zonal flows of unknown magnitude and depth (and therefore unknown mass). Nevertheless, the inference that Saturn has a large core of mass 15-20 M e (Earth masses) is robust. The equation of state of dense hydrogen-helium mixtures is one area where uncertainty has been much reduced, thanks to new first-principles simulations. However, because there is still uncertainty in Saturn's interior temperature profile, a variety of mantle metallicities and core masses could still fit the constraints, and the question of interior helium separation is still unsettled.

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Title of host publicationSaturn from Cassini-Huygens
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StatePublished - 2009


  • Jupiter interior
  • Saturn atmosphere
  • Saturn interior
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