The Hα luminosity function and star formation rate at z ≈ 0.24 in the COSMOS 2 square degree field

Y. Shioya, Y. Taniguchi, S. S. Sasaki, T. Nagao, T. Murayama, M. I. Takahashi, M. Ajiki, Y. Ideue, S. Mihara, A. Nakajima, N. Z. Scoville, B. Mobasher, H. Aussel, M. Giavalisco, L. Guzzo, G. Hasinger, C. Impey, O. L.E. Fèvre, S. Lilly, A. RenziniM. Rich, D. B. Sanders, E. Schinnerer, P. Shopbell, A. Leauthaud, J. P. Kneib, J. Rhodes, R. Massey

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  • H{alpha} emitting galaxies in COSMOS-2 field

    Shioya, Y. (Creator), Taniguchi, Y. (Creator), Sasaki, S. S. (Creator), Nagao, T. (Creator), Murayama, T. (Creator), Takahashi, M. I. (Creator), Ajiki, M. (Creator), Ideue, Y. (Creator), Mihara, S. (Creator), Nakajima, A. (Creator), Scoville, N. Z. (Creator), Mobasher, B. (Creator), Aussel, H. (Creator), Giavalisco, M. (Creator), Guzzo, L. (Creator), Hasinger, G. (Creator), Impey, C. D. (Creator), Fèvre, O. L. E. (Contributor), Lilly, S. (Creator), Renzini, A. (Creator), Rich, M. (Creator), Sanders, D. B. (Creator), Schinnerer, E. (Creator), Shopbell, P. (Creator), Leauthaud, A. (Creator), Kneib, J. (Creator), Rhodes, J. (Creator), Massey, R. (Creator), Guzzo, L. (Creator) & Schinnerer, E. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2009