The channels East of Olympus Mons, Mars

H. I. Hargitai, V. C. Gulick

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Multiple layers of lava flows and channels characterize the region adjacent to the eastern slope of Olympus Mons, the largest volcano on Mars. We have mapped this volcanic region to survey and classify individual channel systems and determine their formative processes. As a final output of this mapping effort, we have produced a 1:1.9 million scale channel map that is first published in this paper in both GIS and static formats.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)413-417
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Maps
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2022


  • Mars
  • Planetary geology
  • drainage networks
  • fluvial systems
  • planetary geomorphology
  • volcanic plains

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  • Geography, Planning and Development
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences (miscellaneous)


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