Teaching “in their best interest”: Preservice teachers’ narratives regarding English Learners

Amanda T. Sugimoto, Kathy Carter, Kathleen J. Stoehr

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In the United States, teachers are increasingly working with English Learners (ELs) in mainstream classrooms. Several areas of focus have been proposed to guide the preparation of teachers for working with ELs, including: language related knowledge, skills, and dispositions. This narrative study examined how field-based experiences shaped 49 preservice teachers’ dispositions toward ELs. An iterative and thematic analysis of collected narratives found that preservice teachers often completed their practicum in classrooms that did not model positive dispositions or pedagogical practices toward ELs. These findings have implications for the tasks and experiences given to preservice teachers during their preparation sequence.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)179-188
Number of pages10
JournalTeaching and Teacher Education
StatePublished - Oct 2017


  • English Learner
  • Narrative
  • Teacher preparation

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