Target Selection for the SDSS-IV APOGEE-2 Survey

G. Zasowski, R. E. Cohen, S. D. Chojnowski, F. Santana, R. J. Oelkers, B. Andrews, R. L. Beaton, C. Bender, J. C. Bird, J. Bovy, J. K. Carlberg, K. Covey, K. Cunha, F. Dell'Agli, Scott W. Fleming, P. M. Frinchaboy, D. A. Garcia-Hernández, P. Harding, J. Holtzman, J. A. JohnsonJ. A. Kollmeier, S. R. Majewski, Sz Mészáros, J. Munn, R. R. Munoz, M. K. Ness, D. L. Nidever, R. Poleski, C. Román-Zniga, M. Shetrone, J. D. Simon, V. V. Smith, J. S. Sobeck, G. S. Stringfellow, L. Szigetiáros, J. Tayar, N. Troup

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APOGEE-2 is a high-resolution, near-infrared spectroscopic survey observing ∼3 ×105 stars across the entire sky. It is the successor to APOGEE and is part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV (SDSS-IV). APOGEE-2 is expanding on APOGEE's goals of addressing critical questions of stellar astrophysics, stellar populations, and Galactic chemodynamical evolution using (1) an enhanced set of target types and (2) a second spectrograph at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. APOGEE-2 is targeting red giant branch and red clump stars, RR Lyrae, low-mass dwarf stars, young stellar objects, and numerous other Milky Way and Local Group sources across the entire sky from both hemispheres. In this paper, we describe the APOGEE-2 observational design, target selection catalogs and algorithms, and the targeting-related documentation included in the SDSS data releases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number198
JournalAstronomical Journal
Issue number5
StatePublished - Nov 2017


  • Galaxy: evolution
  • Galaxy: stellar content
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  • surveys

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