Supramolecular arrays of the [Re6([μ3-Se) 8]2+ core-containing clusters mediated by transition metal ions

Hugh D. Selby, Peter Orto, Zhiping Zheng

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Vapor diffusion of diethyl ether into a methanol/dichloromethane (v/v, 1:1) solution of M(NO3)2 (M = Cd2+, Co 2+, Zn2+) and the site-differentiated solvated cluster trans-[Re63-Se)8(PEt3) 4(4,4′-dipyridyl)2](SbF6)2 afforded supramolecular arrays featuring the [Re63-Se)8]2+ core-containing clusters mediated by the transition metal ions. The cluster complex with two 4,4′-dipyridyl moieties can be viewed as an expanded dipyridyl ligand, serving to coordinate the transition metal ions via a pair of Npyridyl-M dative bonds. All compounds have been characterized by microanalysis (CHN) and their solid-state structures have been established by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Two polymorphous forms (1 and 2) of the crystal of M = Cd2+ have been obtained, one of which (1) exhibits a highly porous structure, whereas the other (2) displays a wavy one-dimensional arrangement. The latter form is isostructural with the complex with Co2+ (3). In the case of Zn 2+ (4), the cluster complex ligand and the mediating Zn2+ are arranged in a zigzag fashion, with an average Npyridyl-M-N pyridyl, angle bond of 88°.

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StatePublished - Oct 1 2003


  • Coordination polymers
  • Metal clusters
  • Single crystal X-ray diffractions
  • Supramolecular chemistries

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