Star formation in NGC 5194 (M51a): The panchromatic view from Galex to Spitzer

D. Calzett, R. C. Kennicutt, L. Bianchi, D. A. Thilker, D. A. Dale, C. W. Engelbracht, C. Leitherer, M. J. Meyer, M. L. Sosey, M. Mutchler, M. W. Regan, M. D. Thornley, L. Armus, G. J. Bendo, S. Boissier, A. Boselli, B. T. Draine, K. D. Gordon, G. Helou, D. J. HollenbachL. Kewley, B. F. Madore, D. C. Martin, E. J. Murphy, G. H. Rieke, M. J. Rieke, H. Roussel, K. Sheth, J. D. Smith, F. Walter, B. A. White, S. Yi, N. Z. Scoville, M. Polletta, D. Lindler

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  • Positions and photometry of HII knots in M51

    Calzett, D. (Contributor), Kennicutt Jr., J. R. C. (Contributor), Bianchi, L. (Creator), Thilker, D. A. (Creator), Dale, D. A. (Creator), Engelbracht, C. W. (Creator), Leitherer, C. (Creator), Meyer, M. J. (Creator), Sosey, M. L. (Creator), Mutchler, M. (Creator), Regan, M. W. (Creator), Thornley, M. D. (Creator), Armus, L. (Creator), Bendo, G. J. (Creator), Boissier, S. (Creator), Boselli, A. (Creator), Draine, B. T. (Creator), Gordon, K. D. (Creator), Helou, G. (Creator), Hollenbach, D. J. (Creator), Kewley, L. (Creator), Madore, B. F. (Creator), Martin, D. C. (Creator), Murphy, E. J. (Creator), Rieke, G. H. (Creator), Rieke, M. J. (Creator), Roussel, H. (Creator), Sheth, K. (Creator), Smith, J. D. (Creator), Walter, F. (Creator), White, B. A. (Creator), Yi, S. (Creator), Scoville, N. Z. (Creator), Polletta, M. (Creator), Lindler, D. (Creator), Bianchi, L. (Creator), Dale, D. A. (Creator), Armus, L. (Creator), Madore, B. F. (Creator) & Murphy, E. J. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2006