Star formation driven galactic winds at z ∼ 1.4

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Galactic winds are a prime suspect for driving metals out of galaxies, creating the mass-metallicity relation, probably enriching the IGM, and explaining the low baryon fraction in galaxies. They may also be related to the quenching of star formation in red galaxies. However, it is unclear how efficiently winds couple to the ISM, and which types and masses of galaxies drove winds in the past. Spectroscopy of blueshifted Mg II absorption in galaxies at z ∼ 1.4 in the DEEP2 survey shows that winds are ubiquitous at that redshift (where the SFR in the bulk of galaxies is higher than today), and that they are driven by star formation. Many of these galaxies will become spirals rather than ellipticals, showing that SF-driven winds are part of the past history of many galaxies, but that such winds do not directly lead to quenching or deterrence of subsequent star formation.

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