Standards for reporting the optical aberrations of eyes

Larry N. Thibos, Raymond A. Applegate, James T. Schwiegerling, Robert Webb

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In response to a perceived need in the vision community, an OSA taskforce was formed at the 1999 topical meeting on vision science and its applications (VSIA-99) and charged with developing consensus recommendations on definitions, conventions, and standards for reporting of optical aberrations of human eyes. Progress reports were presented at the 1999 OSA annual meeting and at VSIA-2000 by the chairs of three taskforce subcommittees on (1) reference axes, (2) describing functions, and (3) model eyes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)S652-S660
JournalJournal of Refractive Surgery
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 2002

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