Sounds of Silence: Race and Emergent Counter-Narratives of Art Teacher Identity

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This article presents case studies of two Black preservice art teachers and their racialized experiences in art teacher education. Drawing from a critical race theory perspective, their stories are conceptualized as emergent counternarratives of becoming an art teacher. The case studies are based on interviews from an ethnographic investigation of teacher identity at a predominantly White university’s art education program. The counter-narratives that emerged chronicle racial microaggressions that participants negotiated as each fashioned an art teacher identity. At a systemic level, the testimonies shed light on the invidious effects of race avoidance in art teacher preparation and art teacher research. The conclusion discusses future directions and implications for making art teacher education programs more inclusive and safe for students of color, while also supporting greater race consciousness among all teachers.

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JournalStudies in Art Education
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StatePublished - Apr 1 2015

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