Single-frequency lasers

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Single-frequency lasers are laser sources operating with only a single longitudinal mode and thus can emit quasi-monochromatic radiation with very narrow linewidth and ultra-low noise. Single-frequency operation of a laser has been realized with almost all of the current laser technologies. Such lasers, both in continuous-wave and pulsed operation, have been intensively investigated and developed due to their diverse applications. This article addresses the principle of single frequency operation of a laser, presents various techniques to develop and characterize single-frequency lasers, and discuss their applications.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2018


  • Distributed Bragg reflector
  • Distributed feedback
  • Fiber-optic Michelson interferometer
  • Frequency noise
  • Laser longitudinal mode
  • Linear cavity laser
  • Phase noise
  • Relative intensity noise
  • Ring cavity laser
  • Self-delayed heterodyne interferometer
  • Single-frequency laser
  • Spectral linewidth

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