Simulation of fixed and variable fogging rates in a naturally ventilated greenhouse: Water and energy savings and stability of climate

F. Villarreal-Guerrero, M. Kacira, E. Fitz-Rodríguez, G. A. Giacomelli, R. Linker, C. Kubota, A. Arbel

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Cooling must be supplied for greenhouses located in semiarid climates most of the year to provide desired climate conditions for year-round crop production. High-pressure fogging systems have shown promising results for cooling, however the lack of effective control strategies, especially under passive ventilation, have limited their use. In this study, a new proposed climate control strategy, which considers the contribution on cooling and humidification from plants, is tested through simulation. The developed strategy using variable pressure fogging (VPF) and variable vent configurations was compared to a constant pressure fogging (CPF), fixed vents cooling strategy. In both cases, the control of fog was based on vapor pressure deficit (VPD) set points. Results showed that on average, VPF based system was able to save 15.2% of water and consumed 10.1% less energy. Pump cycling was reduced by 78.5% and lower temperature and relative humidity fluctuations were achieved by adjusting fog rates through manipulating the system working pressure. Finally, simulations also showed that by reducing the number of nozzles, a smaller fogging rate was achieved and the system performance and savings on water and energy were enhanced during morning hours of operation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationInternational Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Management Towards Sustainable Greenhouse Ecosystems
Subtitle of host publicationGreensys2011
PublisherInternational Society for Horticultural Science
Number of pages8
ISBN (Print)9789066053380
StatePublished - Jun 1 2012

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NameActa Horticulturae
ISSN (Print)0567-7572


  • Cooling
  • Cooling strategies
  • Environment model
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Transpiration

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