Serum Antibody in Patients with Prostatic Cancer1

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130 serum specimens were evaluated. None of 24 serum specimens from patients with prostatic cancer yielded precipitation or haemagglutination reactions with extracts of normal human prostatic tissue or with preparations of prostatic fluid. In 1 of 5 patients from whom autologous prostatic tissue was available, precipitation was observed. By indirect immunofluorescence 13 (54%) patients with prostatic cancer possessed antibodies reactive with the cytoplasmic membrane (intercellular area?) of primate prostatic secretory epithelium. Membranous autoantibodies were observed in 2 patients from whom autologous tissue was available as substrate. Antibodies to nuclei were observed but these have been considered in view of their ubiquitous nature, as perhaps being representative of non‐specific indicators of other immunologic aberrations. In contrast, only 11 (10%) of 106 patients with other than prostatic cancer possessed membranous antibodies: of these, 11 (73%) possessed a genito‐urinary disorder (5 benign prostatic hypertrophy, considered by some as predisposing to prostatic cancer and 3 carcinoma of the bladder). While not possessing sufficient specificity for diagnosis, the high incidence of this antibody, 92% positive in patients with advanced disease (Stage III), suggests it may be useful as a prognostic index of patients with metastatic disease. Grateful acknowledgement is made to Joanne Danaher, Mary Guffner, Christine Kostrzewski and Linda Pfeiffer for their technical assistance; to Doctors Maurice J. Gonder and Ward A. Soanes, Millard Fillmore Hospital (Buffalo, NY) and the physicians of Memorial Hospital (Springfield, II.) for their assistance and cooperation in providing tissue and serum specimens and to Dr Abraham S. Markowitz for helpful discussion and counsel.

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JournalBritish Journal of Urology
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StatePublished - Oct 1976
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