Secretory phospholipase A2 receptor-mediated activation of cytosolic phospholipase A2 in murine bone marrow-derived mast cells

A. N. Fonteh, G. I. Atsumi, T. LaPorte, F. H. Chilton

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The current study examined the signal transduction steps involved in the selective release of arachidonic acid (AA) induced by the addition of secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2) isotypes to bone marrow-derived mast cells (BMMC). Overexpression of sPLA2 receptors caused a marked increase in AA and PGD2 release after stimulation of BMMC, implicating sPLA2 receptors in this process. The hypothesis that the release of AA by sPLA2 involved activation of cytosolic PLA2 (cPLA2) was next tested. Addition of group IB PLA2 to BMMC caused a transient increase in cPLA2 activity and translocation of this activity to membrane fractions. Western analyses revealed that these changes in cPLA2 were accompanied by a time-dependent gel shift of cPLA2 induced by phosphorylation of cPLA2 at various sites. A noncatalytic ligand of the sPLA2 receptor, p-amino-phenyl-α-D-mannopyranoside BSA, also induced an increase in cPLA2 activity in BMMC. sPLA2 receptor ligands induced the phosphorylation of p44/p42 mitogen-activated protein kinase. Additionally, an inhibitor of p44/p42 mitogen-activated protein kinase (PD98059) significantly inhibited sPLA2-induced cPLA2 activation and AA release. sPLA2 receptor ligands also increased Ras activation while an inhibitor of tyrosine phosphorylation (herbimycin) inhibited the increase in cPLA2 activation and AA release. Addition of partially purified sPLA2 from BMMC enhanced cPLA2 activity and AA release. Similarly, overexpression of mouse groups IIA or V PLA2 in BMMC induced an increase in AA release. These data suggest that sPLA2 mediate the selective release of AA by binding to cell surface receptors and then inducing signal transduction events that lead to cPLA2 activation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2773-2782
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Immunology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 1 2000
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