Scalable wavelength-selective crossconnect switch based on MEMS and planar waveguides

R. Ryf, P. Bernasconi, P. Kolodner, J. Kim, J. P. Hickey, D. Carr, F. Pardo, C. Bolle, R. Frahm, N. Basavanhally, C. Yoh, D. Ramsey, R. George, J. Kraus, C. Lichtenwalner, R. Papazian, J. Gates, H. R. Shea, A. Gasparyan, V. MuratovJ. E. Griffith, J. A. Prybyla, S. Goyal, C. D. White, M. T. Lin, R. Ruel, C. Nijander, S. Arney, D. T. Neilson, D. J. Bishop, S. Pau, C. Nuzman, A. Weis, B. Kumar, D. Lieuwen, V. Aksyuk, D. S. Greywall, T. C. Lee, H. T. Soh, W. M. Mansfield, S. Jin, W. Y. Lai, H. A. Huggins, D. L. Barr, R. A. Cirelli, G. R. Bogart, K. Teffeau, R. Vella, H. Mavoori, A. Ramirez, N. A. Ciampa, F. P. Klemens, M. D. Morris, T. Boone, J. Q. Liu, J. M. Rosamilia, C. K. Giies

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A 72×72 wavelength-selective crossconnect switch that was scalable to 1296×1296 with available planar waveguide and MEMS technology, was demonstrated. Silica-on-silicon wavelength multiplexers with integrated monitoring taps and a MEMS micromirror array were assembled in a hybrid three dimensional beam steering crossconnects. The switch operated penalty free at 10 Gbit/s and provided integrated power monitoring taps.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages2
StatePublished - 2001
Event27th European Conference on optical Communication - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: Sep 30 2001Oct 4 2001


Other27th European Conference on optical Communication

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