Research in great Australian bight yields exciting early results

Albert C. Hine, David A. Feary, Mitchell J. Malone, Miriam Andres, Christian Betzler, Gregg R. Brooks, Charlotte A. Brunner, Michael D. Fuller, Ann E. Holbourn, Mads Huuse, Alexandra R. Isern, Noel P. James, Bryan C. Ladner, Qianyu Li, Hideaki Machiyama, David J. Mallinson, Hiroki Matsuda, Richard M. Mitterer, Roberto S. Molina-Garza, Cecile RobinJoellen L. Russell, Samir Shafik, J. A. Simo Toni, Peter L. Smart, Guy H. Spence, Finn Surlyk, Peter K. Swart, Ulrich G. Wortmann

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

10 Scopus citations


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