Regulation of endothelial cell development by ETS transcription factors

Stryder M. Meadows, Candace T. Myers, Paul A. Krieg

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The ETS family of transcription factors plays an essential role in controlling endothelial gene expression. Multiple members of the ETS family are expressed in the developing endothelium and evidence suggests that the proteins function, to some extent, redundantly. However, recent studies have demonstrated a crucial non-redundant role for ETV2, as a primary player in specification and differentiation of the endothelial lineage. Here, we review the contribution of ETS factors, and their partner proteins, to the regulation of embryonic vascular development.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)976-984
Number of pages9
JournalSeminars in Cell and Developmental Biology
Issue number9
StatePublished - Dec 2011
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  • Development
  • ETS
  • Endothelial
  • Gene expression

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