Recommendations for Assessing the Quality of Clinical Faculty Members' Journal Publications

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Evaluation of clinical faculty involves an assessment of the quality of their publications in addition to quantity (number) of publications. In contrast to assessing quantity, assessing quality is difficult. The purpose of this paper is to discuss practical considerations and provide recommendations related to quality of publications that clinical faculty members should bear in mind as part of their overall scholarship activity. College and schools of pharmacy may not provide written criteria for assessing quality of publications, so it is important that clinical faculty members seek guidance from their department chair or direct supervisor, experienced colleagues, and formal or informal mentors or advisers. One criterion for assessing quality is whether a publication was evaluated through a peer-review process although there are other considerations including dissemination of the paper via search engines such as PubMed. Clinical faculty also need to consider authorship order on their papers and potential journals for submission.

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StatePublished - Nov 1 2023


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