Position of the American Dietetic Association. Phytochemicals and Functional Foods

Abby Bloch, Cynthia A. Thomson

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Never before has the focus on the health benefits of commonly available foods been so strong. The philosophy that food can be health promoting beyond its nutritional value is gaining acceptance within the public arena and among the scientific community as mounting research links diet/food components to disease prevention and treatment. Dietitians are uniquely qualified and positioned to translate the available sound scientific evidence into practical dietary applications for the consumer and to provide the food industry and the government with valuable insight and expertise for future research, product development, and regulation of phytochemicals and functional foods. Increasing the availability of healthful foods, including functional foods, in the American diet is critical to ensuring a healthier population. As the nutrition experts, dietetics professionals must be the leaders in this new, exciting, and meaningful field as it evolves. ■ ADA Position adopted by the House of Delegates on October 16, 1994. This position is in effect until December 1998. The American Dietetic Association authorizes republication of the position paper, in its entirety, provided full and proper credit is given. Requests to use portions of the position must be directed to ADA Headquarters at 800/877-1600, ext 4896. ■ Recognition is given to the following for their contributions:. Authors:. Abby Bloch, MS, RD, and Cynthia A. Thomson, MS, RD. Reviewers:. George L. Blackburn, MD, PhD; Nancy M. Childs, PhD; Council on Research (Phyllis E. Bowen, PhD, RD); Nutrition Research dietetic practice group (Barbara J. Stoecker, PhD, RD; Rita Tsay, MS, RD).

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JournalJournal of the American Dietetic Association
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StatePublished - Apr 1995

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