Photoinduced aging and viscosity evolution in Se-rich Ge-Se glasses

Yann Gueguen, Ellyn A. King, Vincent Keryvin, Jean Christophe Sangleboeuf, Tanguy Rouxel, Bruno Bureau, Pierre Lucas

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We propose here to investigate the non-equilibrium viscosity of Ge-Se glasses under and after light irradiation. Ge10Se90 and Ge20Se80 fibers have been aged in the dark and under ambient light, over months. During aging, both the relaxation of enthalpy and the viscosity have been investigated. The viscosity was measured by shear relaxation-recovery tests allowing the measurement of non-equilibrium viscosity. When Ge10Se90 glass fibers are aged under irradiation, a relatively fast fictive temperature decrease is observed. Concomitantly, during aging under irradiation, the non-equilibrium viscosity increases and reaches an equilibrium after two months of aging. This viscosity increase is also observed in Ge20Se80 fibers. Nevertheless, this equilibrium viscosity is far below the viscosity expected at the configurational equilibrium. As soon as the irradiation ceases, the viscosity increases almost instantaneously by about one order of magnitude. Then, if the fibers are kept in the dark, their viscosity slowly increases over months. The analysis of the shear relaxation functions shows that the aging is thermorheologically simple. On the other side, there is no simple relaxation between the shear relaxation functions measured under irradiation and those measured in the dark. These results clearly suggest that a very specific photoinduced aging process occurs under irradiation. This aging is due to photorelaxation. Nevertheless, the viscosity changes are not solely correlated to photoaging and photorelaxation. A scenario is proposed to explain all the observed viscosity evolutions under and after irradiation, on the basis of photoinduced transient defects.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number074901
JournalJournal of Applied Physics
Issue number7
StatePublished - Aug 21 2013

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