Perfectionism in Politics: A Defense

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Title of host publicationContemporary Debates in Political Philosophy
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StatePublished - Apr 27 2009


  • Challenge of justificatory liberalism - objection formulated in terms of political legitimacy
  • Core claims of perfectionist political theory
  • Justification, power, and restraint - challenge to perfectionism posed by justificatory liberalism
  • Justificatory liberalism - any political theory that accepts public justification condition on political legitimacy
  • Perfectionism in politics - a defense
  • Perfectionist political theory - not take sides on whether the state should promote good human lives only or whether it should promote perfectionist goods that do not contribute to good human lives
  • Perfectionist political theory - two basic components, the objective good component and the rejection of state neutrality component
  • Pluralism and skepticism - core claims of perfectionist political theory not settling issue of pluralism

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