Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics

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Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics aims to provide, on an annual basis, some of the best contemporary work in the field of normative ethical theory. Each volume features new essays that contribute to an understanding of a wide range of issues and positions in normative ethical theory, and represents a sampling of recent developments in this field. This first volume includes contributions by Jamie Dreier, Ulrike Heuer, Thomas E. Hill, Jr., Samuel J. Kerstein, Sarah McGrath, Paul McNamara, Douglas W. Portmore, Peter Railton, S. Andrew Schroeder, Holly M. Smith, Daniel Star, Nick Zangwill. The topics discussed include: consequentialism, duty, Kantian moral theory, mere means principle, moral deliberation, moral persuasion, moral rationalism, normative constructivism, objective versus subjective obligation, paradox of deontology, suberogation, supererogation, virtue, and virtue ethics.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherOxford University Press
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ISBN (Electronic)9780191732058
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StatePublished - Jan 19 2012
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  • Consequentialism
  • Duty
  • Kantian moral theory
  • Mere means principle
  • Moral deliberation
  • Moral persuasion
  • Moral rationalism
  • Normative constructivism
  • Objective versus subjective obligation
  • Paradox of deontology
  • Suberogation
  • Supererogation
  • Virtue
  • and Virtue ethics

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