Overview of the Air Vehicle Training Systems Demonstration Project

David C. Gross, Lynn D. Stuckey

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STARS is an ARPA project aimed at advancing the management, quality, adaptability, and reliability of DoD software intensive systems. Over the years, the STARS project has gradually focused on enabling a paradigm shift of DoD software practices to megaprogramming. The central concept is a process-driven, two-life- cycle approach to software development. One life-cycle spans the creation and enrichment of an organization's capabilities for a family of related products, or domain engineering. The other life-cycle spans the construction and delivery of individual products from the domain, or application engineering. This approach may provide substantial opportunities for leveraged reuse, that is, planned use of adapted software components in multiple products. Much of the effort to date has been for developing tools and processes that support megaprogramming. The STARS project is now in a transition and demonstration phase. One of the demonstration projects is in the domain of simulator-based training, specifically the U.S. Navy's domain of Air Vehicle Training Systems. If mega programming proves useful in this domain, it promises dramatic increases in productivity along with corresponding reductions in the cost of building simulations.

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StatePublished - Nov 1994

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