Robert H. Brown, Jean Pierre Lebreton, J. Hunter Waite

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This book is the one of two volumes meant to capture the main scientific results of the Cassini-Huygens prime mission. The first book, Saturn from Cassini-Huygens, contains the material pertinent to Saturn, its satellites and its magnetosphere, except its largest moon Titan. This book, Titan from Cassini-Huygens is meant to capture the main scien-tific results regarding Titan, including its origin and evolution, interior, surface, atmosphere and interaction with Saturn's magnetosphere. The reason we have chosen to treat the results for Titan in a separate volume is that at the time of publication of this book, the Cassini spacecraft has flown by Titan some 62 times, including delivering the Huygens probe, which successfully landed on Titan's surface and survived for over 2 hours, transmitting a wealth of data on Titan's atmosphere and surface. The scientific results obtained for Titan are so voluminous that they cannot be properly captured as part of the Saturn from Cassini-Huygens volume and require a separate volume; thus, the two books.

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StatePublished - 2010

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