Outcomes and Complications 5 Years After Surgery for Pediatric Cataract Associated With Persistent Fetal Vasculature

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Purpose: To report 5-year outcomes after surgery for cataract associated with persistent fetal vasculature (PFV). Design: Clinical cohort study using pediatric cataract registry data collected annually from medical records. Methods: This study included 64 children <13 years of age who were undergoing surgery for unilateral, nontraumatic cataract associated with PFV. Proportions with age-normal visual acuity (VA) and VA better than 20/200 at 5 years’ follow-up were estimated. Cumulative incidences of complications and additional surgeries by 5 years were calculated. Outcomes were compared between eyes with unilateral PFV and eyes with unilateral non-PFV cataract from our registry. Results: Forty-eight of 64 eyes were aphakic postoperatively (median age at surgery 2 months [range 1-13 months]) and 16 were pseudophakic (29 months [range 2-92 months]). Overall, 4 of 42 eyes (10% [95% confidence interval {CI} 3%-23%]) achieved age-normal VA. VA better than 20/200 was achieved in 17 (59% [95% CI 39%-76%]) unilateral aphakic PFV eyes and 44 (43% [95% CI 32%-54%]) unilateral non-PFV aphakic eyes (age-adjusted odds ratio = 1.90 [95% CI 0.81-4.50]; P =.14). The most common complication in aphakic PFV eyes was glaucoma-related adverse events (cumulative incidence 24% [95% CI 9%-37%]). There was no significant difference in glaucoma-related adverse events between PFV and non-PFV eyes in aphakic participants ≤1 year of age at lensectomy (age-adjusted hazard ratio = 1.20 [95% CI 0.54-2.64], P =.66). Conclusions: A wide range of visual outcomes for PFV cataract were observed with a 10% probability of achieving age-normal VA. There was an ongoing risk for the development of glaucoma-related adverse events in PFV eyes.

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JournalAmerican Journal of Ophthalmology
StatePublished - Apr 2024

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