Optotech Systems Architecture (OSA). A file system architecture for removable optical media

Edward Beshore

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The Optotech Systems Architecture (OSA) file system format is based on work and implementations performed by Optotech over a three-year period from 1986-1989. Originally, it was submitted to the ANSI File and Labels Committee as a working paper in August 1988 and to ECMA as ECMA document ECMA/TC15/88/12A in September 1988. It was updated in late 1988 and formally presented to ANSI on January 23, 1989. The second part of this article was prepared in September 1989 and is entitled 'Optotech's Functional Requirements for a Volume and File Structure Standard.' According to its author, Margaret M. Sandor, formerly a Software Engineer at Optotech, 'There has been considerable discussion concerning the requirements of a file system design for interchange. Optotech feels that some important topics have been over-looked. [It] is a list of items Optotech feels should be considered by the group for inclusion in its formal requirements documents.'

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