On Entanglement-Assisted Multistatic Radar Techniques

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Entanglement-based quantum sensors have much better sensitivity than corresponding classical sensors in a noisy and lossy regime. In our recent paper, we showed that the entanglement-assisted (EA) joint monostatic–bistatic quantum radar performs much better than conventional radars. Here, we propose an entanglement-assisted (EA) multistatic radar that significantly outperforms EA bistatic, coherent state-based quantum, and classical radars. The proposed EA multistatic radar employs multiple entangled transmitters performing transmit-side optical phase conjugation, multiple coherent detection-based receivers serving as EA detectors, and a joint detector.

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StatePublished - Jul 2022


  • entanglement
  • entanglement-assisted detection
  • quantum radars
  • quantum sensing
  • radars

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