Nucleotide sequence of a Madagascar hepatopancreatic parvovirus (HPV) and comparison of genetic variation among geographic isolates

Kathy F.J. Tang, Carlos R. Pantoja, Donald V. Lightner

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    A segment of Madagascar hepatopancreatic parvovirus (HPV) genomic sequence (5742 nucleotides) was determined through PCR and direct sequencing. This nucleotide sequence was compared to isolates from Australia, Thailand, Korea, and Tanzania, and the mean distance was determined to be 17%. The Madagascar HPV is closest to the Tanzania isolate (12%), followed by isolates from Korea (15%), Australia (17%) and Thailand (20%). Analysis of the genomic structure revealed that this HPV sequence is comprised of one partial Left open reading frame (ORF) (349 amino acids, aa) and complete Mid (578 aa) and Right (820 aa) ORFs. The amino acid sequences of the 3 ORFs were compared among isolates. The Right ORF was found to have the highest variation with a mean distance of 24%. This was followed by the Left and Mid ORF with distances of 13 and 7%, respectively. A phylogenetic analysis based on the amino acid sequence of the Right ORF divides 7 HPV isolates into 3 well-separated groups: Korea, Thailand, and Australia. The Madagascar HPV clustered with the Korea and Tanzania isolates. In Madagascar, HPV has been detected by histological examination since the 1990s. PCR analysis of a recent (2007) sampling showed a 100% prevalence. HPV was also detected in Mozambique with a 100% prevalence. High (95%) prevalence of HPV was found in wild Penaeus merguinesis collected from New Caledonia. These results indicate that HPV displays a high degree of genetic diversity and is distributed worldwide among populations of penaeid shrimp.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)105-112
    Number of pages8
    JournalDiseases of aquatic organisms
    Issue number2
    StatePublished - Jul 7 2008


    • Genetic variation
    • HPV
    • Hepatopancreatic parvovirus
    • Madagascar isolate

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