Multiwavelength observations of 6 BL lac objects in 2008-2012

D. A. Morozova, S. G. Jorstad, A. P. Marscher, V. M. Larionov, I. S. Troitskiy, D. A. Blinov, I. Agudo, P. S. Smith

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We present results of 4 years of VLBA monitoring along with γ-ray and optical R-band photometric observations of 6 BL Lac objects (3C 66A, S5 0716+71, PKS 0735+17, S4 0954+68, W Com, and OT 081). We have analyzed total intensity images obtained with the VLBA at 43 GHz and investigated the kinematic evolution of the parsec scale jets of the sources. For all sources we compare flux variations in the VLBI core and bright superluminal knots with γ-ray and optical light curves. The majority of γ-ray flares have optical counterparts. 67% of the γ-ray events are coincident with the appearance of new superluminal knots and/or flares in the millimeter-wave core. These results support the conclusion that for many flares in blazars the region of the γ-ray and optical emission is located in the vicinity or downstream of the mm-wave VLBI core.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number04018
JournalEPJ Web of Conferences
StatePublished - 2013
EventInternational Symposium on the Innermost Regions of Relativistic Jets and Their Magnetic Fields - Granada, Spain
Duration: Jun 10 2013Jun 14 2013

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