Multidomain spectral collocation method for stability analysis of detonations

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A study was conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the multidomain spectral collocation method used for analyzing the stability of detonations. The process of problem formulation also led to the development of equations, with constant steady-state variables within the induction zone. Researchers also applied a spectral collocation method, to analyze one-dimensional detonations at finite activation energy. Researchers also considered one-dimensional perturbations in a one-dimensional flow of a gas that participated in a first-order, irreversible reaction without mole and specific heat change, to simplify the spectral collocation method. The steady dimensionless detonation velocity was scaled, with the speed of sound in the gas. Researchers also used the multidomain spectral collocation method, to solve the eigenvalue problem, using two and three domains.

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StatePublished - Sep 2007

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