Multicenter investigation of technical and clinical outcomes after thrombectomy for Proximal Medium Vessel Occlusion (pMeVO) by frontline technique

Jonathan A. Grossberg, Reda M. Chalhoub, Sami Al Kasab, Dominika Pullmann, Pascal Jabbour, Marios Psychogios, Robert M. Starke, Adam S. Arthur, Kyle M. Fargen, Reade De Leacy, Peter Kan, Travis Dumont, Ansaar Rai, Roberto J. Crosa, Kareem E. Naamani, Ilko Maier, Nitin Goyal, Stacey Quintero Wolfe, C. Michael Cawley, J. MoccoMuhammad Hafeez, Brian M. Howard, Laurie Dimisko, Hassan Saad, Christopher S. Ogilvy, R. Webster Crowley, Justin Mascitelli, Isabel Fragata, Michael Levitt, Alejandro M. Spiotta, Ali M. Alawieh

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

2 Scopus citations

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