Moving On: From Metaparadigm to Midparadigm for Knowledge Development

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This column on Philosophical Issues introduces a conceptual innovation, the midparadigm, designed to facilitate continued development of nursing knowledge while moving beyond the metaparadigm. The midparadigm is a conceptual structure lower in abstraction than a metaparadigm consisting of an organization of concepts that reflect shared scientific and practical values for theory development in reference to a practice-relevant context. In this introductory article, I explain its philosophical rationale and provide other groundwork about the midparadigm. The feature article is authored by a team of doctoral students who present an exemplar of a midparadigm, which they have called their prismatic midparadigm of nursing.

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JournalNursing science quarterly
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2020


  • knowledge development
  • metaparadigm
  • midparadigm
  • philosophy of science
  • theory

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