Sudha Ram, Geneva G. Belford

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This research is addressed towards solving a problem which falls under the general class of File Allocation Problems (FAP). The main purpose here is to provide a tool for the designer of a distributed database system. With an increasing number of enterprises tending towards distributed systems, a major research question that has come up is how to allocate resources (databases and programs) in a distributed environment. This question has been addressed by formulating a nonlinear integer programming model. Though the same issue has been addressed several times in the past, there is a major difference between the model developed here and all the other models. None of the models in the past have tried to solve the FAP by taking into account the concurrency control mechanism being used. This is a major deficiency of these models because allocation of files is partly based on the communication flows in a network of computers. The communication flows in turn are based on the concurrency control mechanism. It is this weakness that the research here has attempted to overcome by designing a more realistic model.

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StatePublished - 1985

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