Measurements of Hyperfine Structure in NHJD

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Hyperfine structure on the 414-404 rotation-inversion transition in NH2D was measured with a twocavity maser spectrometer with 350-Hz linewidth. A reasonably good fit to the observed transitions is obtained by including the nitrogen quadrupole interaction, the nitrogen spin-rotation interaction, the deuteron quadrupole interaction, the deuteron spin-rotation interaction, and the nitrogen-deuteron spinspin interaction in the Hamiltonian. The values of the coupling constants obtained are: for the 4u state (eqJQ)N=-1895.65±0.7 kHz, (eqJQ) D=-75.78±0.7 kHz, and for the 4 state (eqJQ)N=- 1811.55± 0.7 kHz, (eqjQ)i3= -80.13±0.7 kHz, and for the values of the other parameters averaged over these states CN = 5.027±0.18 kHz, CD=- 2.33±0.18 kHz, and DND=0. 307±0.70 kHz. The rotation-inversion frequency for this transition is 25 023 794.706±0.07 kHz.

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JournalThe Journal of chemical physics
StatePublished - 1968

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