Measurements of direct CP violation, CPT symmetry, and other parameters in the neutral kaon system

A. Alavi-Harati, T. Alexopoulos, M. Arenton, K. Arisaka, S. Averitte, R. F. Barbosa, A. R. Barker, M. Barrio, L. Bellantoni, A. Bellavance, J. Belz, D. R. Bergman, E. Blucher, G. J. Bock, C. Bown, S. Bright, E. Cheu, S. Childress, R. Coleman, M. D. CorcoranG. Corti, B. Cox, A. R. Erwin, R. Ford, A. Glazov, A. Golossanov, G. Graham, J. Graham, E. Halkiadakis, J. Hamm, K. Hanagaki, Y. B. Hsiung, V. Jejer, D. A. Jensen, R. Kessler, H. G.E. Kobrak, J. LaDue, A. Lath, A. Ledovskoy, P. L. McBride, P. Mikelsons, E. Monnier, T. Nakaya, K. S. Nelson, H. Nguyen, V. O'Dell, M. Pang, R. Pordes, V. Prasad, X. R. Qi, B. Quinn, E. J. Ramberg, R. E. Ray, A. Roodman, S. Schnetzer, K. Senyo, P. Shanahan, P. S. Shawhan, J. Shields, W. Slater, N. Solomey, S. V. Somalwar, R. L. Stone, E. C. Swallow, S. A. Taegar, R. J. Tesarek, G. B. Thomson, P. A. Toale, A. Tripathi, R. Tschirhart, S. E. Turner, Y. W. Wah, J. Wang, H. B. White, J. Whitmore, B. Winstein, R. Winston, T. Yamanaka, E. D. Zimmerman

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We present a series of measurements based on KL,S→ π+ π- and K L,S→π0π0 decays collected in 1996-1997 by the KTeV experiment (E832) at Fermilab. We compare these four K→ππ decay rates to measure the direct CP violation parameter Re(ε′/ε) = (20.7±2.8)×10-4. We also test CPT symmetry by measuring the relative phase between the CP violating and CP conserving decay amplitudes for K → π+ π-+-) and for K → π0 π000). We find the difference between the relative phases to be Δφ=φ00+- = (+ 0.39 ±0.50)°, and the deviation of φ+- from the superweak phase to be φ+- - φSW=(+0.61±1.19)°; both results are consistent with CPT symmetry. In addition, we present new measurements of the KL-KS mass difference and KS lifetime: Δm = (5261±15)×106 ℏs-1 and τS= (89.65±0.07)×10-12 S.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number012005
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2003

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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