Manure and soil zinc application to 'Wichita' pecan trees growing under alkaline conditions

Humberto Núñez-Moreno, James L. Walworth, Andrew P. Pond

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The effect of cattle manure or combined manure and zinc (Zn) application on Zn uptake, mineral composition, and yield and nut quality in pecan trees [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) C. Koch] was evaluated. In 2006, treatments evaluated were: manure (12 ton/ha; M), manure plus Zn (12 ton/ha plus 129 kg Zn/ha as ZnSO4; MZ), and an untreated control. During 2007, two more treatments were added with doubled manure and Zn rates. New treatments were manure 2× (24 ton/ha; M2) and manure 2× plus Zn 2× (24 ton/ha plus 258 kg Zn as ZnSO4; M2Z2). Manure was broadcast on the soil in a 2.5-m wide band 2 m from the trunk. Zinc sulfate was broadcast over the manure, and then manure and Zn were disked into the top 10 cm of soil. In 2008, in five of nine sampling dates, significant treatment effects were detected on leaf Zn concentrations. On all of the dates, M2Z2 had the highest foliar Zn levels. During the Summer 2008 (17 July) foliar Zn in M2Z2, treatment reached 66 μg·g-1; the control treatment level was 45 μg·g-1. Nut yields were higher in treatments receiving manure, with or without Zn in the first year, and highest in the untreated control the second year. No differences were observed in trunk growth, leaf area, leaf weight, or nut growth. Kernel percentages were over 61.4 in the 3 years of study in all treatments. Largest differences among treatments in nut size were found in 2007; nut weight in the control treatment was 7.5 g per nut and in M was 8.0 g per nut. Nut weight was smaller during 2008 when nut yield was high, and the untreated control nuts were smaller than those from treated trees. The manure and manure plus Zn treatments increased foliar Zn levels in pecan trees after 3 years of annual applications. In 2008, significant differences in leaflet Zn concentration among treatments were detected with M2Z2 having the highest concentrations.

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Pages (from-to)1741-1745
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StatePublished - Oct 2009


  • Carya illinoinensis
  • Leaf mineral composition
  • Nut quality
  • Yield
  • Yield efficiency

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