Liberatory school counseling practices to promote freedom dreaming for Black youth

Renae D. Mayes, Natalie Edirmanasinghe, Kara Ieva, Ahmad R. Washington

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The American School Counseling Association calls for professional school counselors to support the holistic development and success of all students. However, the field of school counseling is riddled with practices that have harmed and dehumanized Black students. For example, school counselors engage in practices (e.g., social–emotional learning and vocational guidance), which work to reinforce white supremacy and dehumanize Black students. Further, school counselors may also contribute to the ways that the basic and unique needs of Black students are overlooked, leading to the continued systemic adultification of Black students. What is needed is a radical imagination of school counseling, which centers on homeplace as the foundation in order to engage in freedom dreaming. In this article, the authors engage this radical imagination to detail an antiracist view of school counseling practice that embraces freedom dreaming and homeplace through healing and Indigenous educational practices, youth-led school counseling, and critical hip-hop practices to promote joy, creativity, power, love, resistance, and liberation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number964490
JournalFrontiers in Education
StatePublished - Dec 13 2022


  • Black joy
  • antiracism
  • freedom dreaming
  • liberation
  • school counseling

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