Interoperability of manufacturing applications using the Core Manufacturing Simulation Data (CMSD) standard information model

Ryan Bloomfield, Esfandyar Mazhari, Joseph Hawkins, Young Jun Son

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The goal of this paper is to propose an approach to enhance interoperability between manufacturing applications using the Core Manufacturing Simulation Data Information Model (CMSDIM) in order to streamline design and manufacturing activities throughout the product life cycle. To this end, a system framework required to facilitate such interoperability is first presented. The proposed approach, architecture, and developed translators are then illustrated and demonstrated using two separate case studies. The first case study facilitates design for manufacturing and assembly improvements for the development of new products, allowing for part of a discrete event simulation model of a downstream manufacturing and assembly process to be automatically generated from corresponding product assembly information contained in the lean design engineering software. Conceptual design and development of this case study, which extracts outputs from Design Profit™ lean design software and generates a corresponding discrete event simulation model in ProModel™ for a Nikon® L-100 Camera, is then discussed. The second case study demonstrates interoperability of three applications (order and inventory system, Gantt chart scheduler, and discrete event simulation) for a generic job shop operation. Using the considered case studies, this paper also details and demonstrates the benefits of interoperability enhancement using the CMSDIM, which is an important consideration in any product life cycle. Finally, we discuss how future research opportunities integrating additional manufacturing applications can be used to address intellectual challenges present in our current approach.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1065-1079
Number of pages15
JournalComputers and Industrial Engineering
Issue number4
StatePublished - May 2012


  • Core Manufacturing Simulation Data
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Interoperability
  • Product life cycle

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