International Skin Imaging Collaboration-Designated Diagnoses (ISIC-DX): Consensus terminology for lesion diagnostic labeling

Alon Scope, Konstantinos Liopyris, Jochen Weber, Raymond L. Barnhill, Ralph P. Braun, Clara N. Curiel-Lewandrowski, David E. Elder, Gerardo Ferrara, Jane M. Grant-Kels, Thiago Jeunon, Aimilios Lallas, Jennifer Y. Lin, Michael A. Marchetti, Ashfaq A. Marghoob, Cristian Navarrete-Dechent, Giovanni Pellacani, Hans Peter Soyer, Alexander Stratigos, Luc Thomas, Harald KittlerVeronica Rotemberg, Allan C. Halpern

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Background: A common terminology for diagnosis is critically important for clinical communication, education, research and artificial intelligence. Prevailing lexicons are limited in fully representing skin neoplasms. Objectives: To achieve expert consensus on diagnostic terms for skin neoplasms and their hierarchical mapping. Methods: Diagnostic terms were extracted from textbooks, publications and extant diagnostic codes. Terms were hierarchically mapped to super-categories (e.g. ‘benign’) and cellular/tissue-differentiation categories (e.g. ‘melanocytic’), and appended with pertinent-modifiers and synonyms. These terms were evaluated using a modified-Delphi consensus approach. Experts from the International-Skin-Imaging-Collaboration (ISIC) were surveyed on agreement with terms and their hierarchical mapping; they could suggest modifying, deleting or adding terms. Consensus threshold was >75% for the initial rounds and >50% for the final round. Results: Eighteen experts completed all Delphi rounds. Of 379 terms, 356 (94%) reached consensus in round one. Eleven of 226 (5%) benign-category terms, 6/140 (4%) malignant-category terms and 6/13 (46%) indeterminate-category terms did not reach initial agreement. Following three rounds, final consensus consisted of 362 terms mapped to 3 super-categories and 41 cellular/tissue-differentiation categories. Conclusions: We have created, agreed upon, and made public a taxonomy for skin neoplasms and their hierarchical mapping. Further study will be needed to evaluate the utility and completeness of the lexicon.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
StateAccepted/In press - 2024

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