Intercellular calcium waves in primary cultured rat mesenteric smooth muscle cells are mediated by connexin43

Nadia Halidi, Florian Alonso, Janis M. Burt, Jean Louis Bény, Jacques Antoine Haefliger, Jean Jacques Meister

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Intercellular Ca2+ wave propagation between vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs) is associated with the propagation of contraction along the vessel. Here, we characterize the involvement of gap junctions (GJs) in Ca 2+ wave propagation between SMCs at the cellular level. Gap junctional communication was assessed by the propagation of intercellular Ca2+ waves and the transfer of Lucifer Yellow in A7r5 cells, primary rat mesenteric SMCs (pSMCs), and 6B5N cells, a clone of A7r5 cells expressing higher connexin43 (Cx43) to Cx40 ratio. Mechanical stimulation induced an intracellular Ca2+ wave in pSMC and 6B5N cells that propagated to neighboring cells, whereas Ca2+ waves in A7r5 cells failed to progress to neighboring cells. We demonstrate that Cx43 forms the functional GJs that are involved in mediating intercellular Ca2+ waves and that co-expression of Cx40 with Cx43, depending on their expression ratio, may interfere with Cx43 GJ formation, thus altering junctional communication.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)25-37
Number of pages13
JournalCell Communication and Adhesion
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 2012


  • calcium waves
  • connexins
  • gap junction

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