Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Policy

Maggie Walter, Stephanie Russo Carroll, Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear

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There are an estimated 370 million Indigenous Peoples in over 70 countries worldwide, often facing common issues stemming from colonialism and its ongoing effects. Routledge Studies in Indigenous Peoples and Policy brings together books which explore these concerns, including poverty; health inequalities; loss of land, language and culture; environmental degradation and climate change; intergenerational trauma; and the struggle to have their rights, cultures, and communities protected. Indigenous Peoples across the world are asserting their right to fully participate in policy making that affects their people, their communities, and the natural world, and to have control over their own communities and lands. This book series explores policy issues, reports on policy research, and champions the best examples of methodological approaches. It will explore policy issues from the perspectives of Indigenous Peoples in order to develop evidence-based policy, and create policy-making processes that represent Indigenous Peoples and support positive social change. Edited by Jerry White and Susan Wingert (The University of Western Ontario), this series considers proposals from across indigenous policy subjects. To find out more about how to submit a book proposal, please contact the series editors or Development Studies Editor, Helena Hurd.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherTaylor and Francis
Number of pages244
ISBN (Electronic)9781000214208
ISBN (Print)9780367222369
StatePublished - Oct 30 2020

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